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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 20, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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commute heading south and we have wet roads all over the place and we had a lot of fender-benders and it is 5:57 let's go back to the desk. the latest on a big fire, what firefighters found when they got there and why they are having a hard time putting it out. we are talking about a messy problem for bart which is strictly for the birds. we have clouds and rain and we have more on the way for tomorrow, stay tuned. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. this march, we're kicking things off with the low fat oven roasted chicken $3 six-inch select.
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you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. . good morning, ktvu channel 2 morning news was first on the scene and firefighters are having a huge problem putting out that fire. we will tell you how close the shooting happened to an area that children frequent after a young man was shot by
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driveby shooting. president barack obama is now in israel, the critical issue on the agenda, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete news coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us this wednesday more march 20th, i am pam cook. >> did steve tell you to grab an umbrella? >> i did yes, and it started yesterday afternoon just like he said. there you go. >> there you go, both of you are correct, it started yesterday and continues this morning, this is kind of hit and miss and we have it trying to move into the north bay and mostly cloudy skies 50s and 60s, here is sal. good morning, a lot more crashes this morning some serious and some fender benders and you can see it is crowded but not stop and go and also
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the commute looks good on northbound 101 in san francisco, let's go back to the desk. we are finding developing news on bethel island where firefighters have put out a fire which has burned two homes. you can see a very active scene on taylor road on bethel island which started around 2:30 a.m. and it has burned two homes and some downed power lines made it difficult to access that fire and a passersby alerted one homeowner to the flames. >> i was sleeping and somebody was banging downstairs and i went out and i found my next door neighbor fully engulfed in flames so we got out. >> it is complicated by the fact that bethel island does not have fire hydrants and water has to be trucked in.
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a young man was shot very close to a grade school. this happened on the sidewalk of clyde fisher middle school. janine de la vega has been out there since 4:30 a.m., tell us what police are saying about the victim. >> reporter: he is still in the hospital recovering but this morning police are looking for the person responsible who gunned down that young man but it happened on the sidewalk when he was shot. just before 8:00 p.m. police got phone calls about a young man being shot on hopkins drive and it appears a young man between 18 and 20 years old was shot when a light colored suv drove by and somebody started shooting. the young man was hit once and he did survive overnight but police are monitoring the situation. it is unknown if his injuries
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are life-threatening and investigators do not have a motive but they are still working to get a detailed description of the suspect for a vehicle involved. this area is known for gang activity but it is unknown if this driveby shooting is gang related. it is very quiet out here this morning and as people wake up we are talking to residents to find out what they know this morning. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. also this morning, a silver alert has been issued for a missing man from danville. 83-year-old nicholas paul was last seen leaving his home yesterday afternoon. police were able to talk to him by cell phone and they say he sounded disoriented and they believe he may be driving a gray toyota camry. it is his first visit as
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the president. in his remarks president barack obama said he wanted to make it clear to the world that the united states stands with israel. well, we are on storm watch this morning even though it is the first day of spring and we are welcoming it in with rain and tara moriarty has more on how people are handling the wet weather, we have seen some crashes, tara? >> reporter: well, you are right, it is the official start to spring and they say in like a lion, out like a lamb and we'll see some wet weather and it was like this yesterday as well as this morning and many fans wore rain gear for yesterday's classic between the dominican republic and puerto rico and it is a soggy end to
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the lackluster winter and it is only two thirds of where it usually is and some fans were kept from bringing their umbrellas. >> i told him he is not getting it. it was pretty big. i will be able to make some friends. >> reporter: forecasters say we got a good amount of rain around dinner time and this morning it seems to have tapered off and it should be pretty clear and we will let you know when it will completely clear up and right now we will check in with sal castaneda and we understand there are quite a few fender benders up in the east bay as well as the north bay. >> one of the major accidents we are following is eastbound 24 at 680 right at this intersection there is an overturned vehicle blocking the fast lane and fire department is blocking the left lane as they take care of the injured.
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it is not southbound on 680 but it is eastbound on 24 at 680 where they ended up finding this crash. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and usually the metering lights come on about now and pretty soon we'll see a bigger back up. northbound 280 at the 880 interchange traffic here looks okay. let's go to steve. we have a little bit of cloud cover and this is mostly about a third and there is a little bit higher and it looks like breaks in the clouds and it is still cloudy to mostly cloudy and it will be a cloudy mild morning turning more showery in nature later on. the mere fact that it made it, the systems didn't mean much since january and today looks like a lot of cloud cover and again some cloud cover and it
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is not widespread, nothing too heavy, mostly cloudy, mild and muggy and there is a lot of clouds on the southwest and it is a little bit juiced up and occasionally 50s. i have to cough again. i apologize, this thing came back. 52 san jose and mountain view and that's the cloud cover streaming and that's why it is so cloudy. maybe you want to take a morning run, why not, cool to mild -- can we start this over again, 50s and 60s on the temperatures upper 50s closer to the coast, maybe some patchy fog and it is getting warmer and friday and saturday looks good too. bart has spent $2 million to keep pigeons from nesting inside stations. chronicle reports pigeons are
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an especially big problem in san francisco. bart officials have put down spike strips but they have learned to adapt and there is still a big problem there. google is talking about dangerous chemicals they may have been exposed to. standing up for a classmate who was deof the toed to mexico, how -- who was deported to mexico, how his nine-year- old friends are hoping to bring him back.
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. morning to you welcome back, they are warning about potential hidden fees and the city created these ids in part for undocumented immigrants. a debit function was offered for services and they are telling the chronicle they have uncovered hidden fees and card holders are charged $2 for federal benefits and they are charged a dollar every time when if it's are put -- benefits are put on that card for deposit. andre franklin was arrested four laned think stealing -- allegedly stealing a rare gold
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jewelry box from the museum. police say he sold it to a business owner and demanded $10,000 from him. he told the man he would turn him in for possessing the stolen property if he didn't pay up. >> reporter: ooh. >> a -- a new satellite is linked to exposing people to cancer and birth defects. there are unsafe levels of tc e- and pregnant women exposed to low levels have risks of giving birth to a baby with serious birth defects. they are working on contingency plans for possible military action to end the two year civil war in syria, but a resolution from the un security
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council and the 28 members will be required before taking a military role in syria said it will be helpful in bringing an end to the war. president barack obama is scheduled to meet with israel's prime minister to focus on iran's nuclear program. as kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. newsroom, talks from iran are stepping up the pursuit of nuclear weapons, kyla? >> reporter: little progress is expected on peace talks between israel and iran but president barack obama and bet washington nationals could come to -- bet -- prime minister benjamin netanyahu said president barack obama is taking the lead on how u.s. will respond to iran's threats and that's because the
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u.s. is israel's strongest ally and iran could have a nuclear weapon to use in the next few months and they believe it could not happen for another year which could form more peace talks. he wants to talk about peace. >> to speak directly to the people of israel and to neighbors... >> reporter: the president is meeting with israel and the two will hold a news conference. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. the 15-year-old girl from pakistan who was shot in the head by the taliban because she fought for the rights of women now has a new school to go to. she is attending school in birmingham england. last october she was shot by a taliban who shot her in the
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head who claims she was promoting western thinking. she said she wants all girls to have the basic opportunities to go to school. a group of nine-year-olds in berkeley has been talking to their friends via skype. his family lived in berkeley for the past eight years but in january they visited family with expired travel visas. he has had a difficult time adjusting. >> i miss my friends and teachers and i want to be over there. >> i want to help my friend come back. i think we can do a lot to help him too. >> the city council approved kids measures and asked senator die and finestein to help.
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they are being asked to help the homeless and later on this morning, it is a group of technology committees for homeless connect. they represent 2 5,000 workers and they will be asked to donate their time, job service training and also money to help the homeless in the city. also today, well-known supermarket chains are trying to help customers feel better about eating the food they sell and they have announced they will not sell a specific type of bioengineered salmon. there is no word that the fda will require special labeling on those fish but the store is saying this will reassure their customers. a serious accident in the
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downtown loop put a motorcyclist in the hospital. a man broke his leg an elbow but police say the accident is not related to the reason traffic changes. chp is looking into whether an accident happened because of the rain. the federal desk -- fedex truck was left dangling and it is still unclear if there are any injuries. the highways was closed for several -- highway was closed for several hours. in just a few hours they will honor a local sports hero. joe montana will be inducted into the 7th hall of fame. they will host the museum in sacramento and the honor celebrates californians who
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embody the spirit of innovation and achieve : it includes hollywood warren baitty, delores and the last survivor of a native tribe here in california. sal, let's keep an eye on the commute, call? -- sal? eastbound on 680, unfortunately it may be a city officials ifing traffic on east -- it may be affecting traffic on eastbound 24 and a lot of fender benders out there because of the wet weather and let's go to some live pictures and the bridge is filled in and there is no major problems getting into the city. northbound and southbound 280, that traffic is moving along
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well approaching the 880 split in downtown, let's go to steve. i was going to start with a graphic but as you can see it is dark. we have a little bit of rain, about a 10th of an inch is covering and rain fall was so good in december, they were 70% of normal. now 24 and a half, 73% for san francisco and you can find much greater totals. it looks like some breaks in the clouds and it is giving way to scattered showers and this morning a lot of cloud cover, mainly low-to-mid 50s and we still have some lingering rain. 52 seems popular. hayward san jose, 55 and the cool is 52, oakland and san
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francisco. cloud cover continues to stream in from the southwest, i don't think we will top out, generally about a 10 and there is not much of a difference here. clearing mild, could have patchy fog even though it is getting late in the season and we are not surprised, mostly sunny and warmer. boeing is reportedly making a new demand. there is a report they want boeing compensated in cash for its losses since the dreamliner was grounded two months ago. they plan to give them discounts on future purchases. long lines could be hurting tourism and they show 43% will discourage travelers because of inn efficient customs. they say they will refuse to
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visit the u.s. for the next five years and one in seven report missing a connection because of a delay in u.s. customs. a wild scene while the mayor was delivering a major speech. >> what happened as that man was led away in handcuffs a string of vandalism on a block, now they are calling in for help to help them fight back.
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. this is what i am talking about bleep, bleep, bleep -- >> that is what happened when a kansas city mayor was in the middle of speaking and a man ran up and tried to take over the speed yum and he was -- podium and he was wrestled to the ground and taken away in handcuffs. he said the city needed to be rescued and mayor james needed to be removed from office. they are calling for some backup after several signs of vandalism. the area being attacked is beeen franklin and webster. over the weekend somebody
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filled every padlock and door lock with glue and they reported graffiti to their outside decorations. >> this woman's window was broken so many times until she closed her business and left. >> some of the business owners say they need somebody else at night. they are calling in groups likes the else angels and black panthers to help out. a branch of the hells angels is being brought in to clean up a different part of the city this weekend. it happened normally in the prison which held 250 convicts and it's now part of a national park. they displayed pictures of the prison's last day and it will open in alcatraz tomorrow. sal is covering traffic, how is
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it? there is still a couple of lanes or one lane closed on eastbound 24 and it does look like trucks are arriving eastbound to connect to 680 and what happened was there was an overturned vehicle and more trucks are arriving on the scene and more fire crews to get this out of the way and be careful this looks like it's down to one lane but it's not causing a huge traffic jam and the injured person was taken away already. let's move along and look at southbound 680 as you pass mission boulevard. let's go to steve. very mild, 50s on the lows and this system came up from the northwest and it looks like there is some breaks and mostly cloudy today and some rain will give way to a few scattered showers, 50s and 60s, pam. a cyber attack, who
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authorities believe is behind the attack. the fire continues to come through on bethel island and the fire chief has a new plan of attack and we will have new information on that. and they are weighing in heavily on global markets and we will take you live to the opening bell, up next.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, they are celebrating an ipo on the new york stock exchange. model n, software solutions and they are celebrating their public offering despite
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concerns affecting european stocks. >> all right, pam, we will say good morning to you channel 2 morning news, it is wednesday 12:00. we are following developing news on bethel island where firefighters are starting to make some progress but it was a huge fire which burned two homes. claudine wong has been out there since 4:30 and claudine? is it finally under control? >> reporter: no and the fire is coming through the roof line again and i just spoke to the fire chief and that roof is actually the problem. they have been shooting a lot of water on it in hopes that it would get this fire out and sometimes we have seen the fire kind of go down and it looks like it is gone but there are so many hidden spaces in that roof line so what happens is it
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flares up again. if you take a look to the left, let's pan right here, we are next to the fire trucks and the reason they are doing this is they are making room and they will get it as close as possible and they will try to attack this from above and see if that makes a difference on getting this under control. we spoke about what happened and the fire started and there is a fire next door to two homes and this one continues to burn, one-on-one side and one on the other side and we will talk about what he saw when he woke up. >> a mazement, i just could not believe what i saw when i walked outside. i tried to help my neighbor and then i told my wife we are on our own, get out the hoses. >> reporter: he was not the only one who grabbed hoses.
6:35 am
we spoke to several residents who tried to get hoses and their own personal pump stations to save their homes but it was not just. the water was not the only problem but on top of that, you had a power line come down and that certainly did not make the job any easier. >> the crews are starting to attack the fire and we had some power lines drop down hampering the fire operation. >> reporter: you had to pull back completely? >> we didn't have to pull back completely, we had to readjust some lines and shoot from further a way to keep them safe. >> reporter: back out here live, you are looking at the home on bethel island that continues to burn and it has been burning now going on four hours and as you can see, it is continuing to break through that roof line and when we
6:36 am
originally got here just before 4:30 they were hoping to have this under control by 5:30 but again it is that roof which is causing problems because they can't get water on to the roof like they want to. they are getting ladders into aerial positions and they are trying to attack this fire from above. if that does not work, the chief says they have been talking about another plan, another plan of attack and we will keep an eye on this situation, right here live mornings on 2 in bethel island claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. today is the first day of spring, we have rain and the roads are wet. tara moriarty is in richmond talking about the wet -- is it raining out there where you are? >> reporter: actually it is not. that is the good news and it has really tapered off and by
6:37 am
7:00 it should be greatly dissipated so great news for commuters this morning and we want to mention you should drive at or below the speed limit though because the roads are very slick. today is the official first day of spring and the classic between the dominican republic and puerto rico begins. residents are full and snow pack is only two thirds of where it usually is. andrew barclay is here with the chp to let us know about the conditions this morning and we have not seen it rain for a while, right? >> that's right, this is one of the first major rains and with that rain it will bring oil out of the road and create some slick driving conditions. >> reporter: we had some driving problems and where are the hot spots? >> we had some minor crashes up in the north bay, and it scenes
6:38 am
the solano area is starting to get increased activity as well. we want to remind people to slow down, increase your following distance and give yourself more time to get where you are going hope flip so you are not rushing around too much. >> once again, a little bit of rain here and steve paulson will let you know it will completely clear up and we will have much more in traffic, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. coming up in just a couple of minutes, you can always get information, just click on weather. san jose police are investigating a driveby shooting. a man between 18 and 20 years old was standing on the sidewalk when he was shot last night. coming up, we will have a live report on the search for the
6:39 am
gunman. in pleasanton, a preschool reopens after a former teacher was accused of tying up a two- year-old. the school had been closed for retraining there and investigators say 24-year-old angela bound a toddler's wrist and ankles with masking tape when the child would not take a knap. then showed cell phone photos to people at a party and one of the people she showed the photos was the child's mother. she is reportedly cooperating with investigators. computer networks said three south koreaian networks caused the computers to be tacked. there is speculation that north korea is behind that attack. conflicting reports about the number of marines killed during a training accident in
6:40 am
nevada. it happened near the hawthorn depot. officials of foreign veteran wars said an 8th veteran died and a 60 mm mortar exploded monday and they have removed all mm mortar rounds. they say a truck could be tied to a string of copper thefts. they have been robbed twice since january. the most recent incident was on sunday when police say thieves drove a forklift into the yard and stole a real of copper wire worth $25,000. they are looking for an orange truck which was used to pick up one of the thieves in hayward. sal, you are very important because our commute with the
6:41 am
wet roads are not good >> no it is not good and we have a lot of fender benders when it is raining and even when it's not raining, we have the kind of crashes that come when it happens too quickly and let's talk about highway 4. we have some slowed traffic to concord and there is report of a new again at olympic annual note creek. westbound bay bridge is backed up for a 10 to 15 minute delay at the bay bridge toll plaza and there is a lot of fender benders out there and we have talked about this already so if you are driving over to interstate 880, please give yourself extra time because the roads are slick. let's go to steve. some rain fell but not too
6:42 am
much and our observer in haven't fran, mike who keeps awesome records and he is spot on is sending information which is ugly. 1.6 inches of rain has fallen and this is the dryest march of. the old mark was in 1851 and i don't see a half inch falling but this does not look good. we could use more rain and a lot of showers. it does not mean other locations but most of this is and coming from the southwest so it's very warm and we have kind of a breezy day and there are reports of more rain than snow. this afternoon scattered showers and we have a 10th of
6:43 am
an inch coming in and most of it is up in mendocino county and there is some offshore but it is a weak system. 50s on the temperatures and a few 40s to the north but a lot of low 50s. you probably feel tropical and this will be with us today. mostly cloudy, some rain, morning rain gives way to scattered light showers. 50s and 60s. normal high this time of year, it will be a little below average. sunnyside up and this takes us friday and saturday. . out of the first four inches st. mary's college has a lot going on. and a shooting, we will tell you what police had to
6:44 am
say. for your first day?
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. welcome back, boy a big fire on bethel island is still burning and two homes have already burned. this started on taylor road and firefighters say downed power lines are making it harder to get in and fight this and bethel island does not have
6:47 am
fire hydrants. claudine wong is out there. today is the first official day of spring but we still have rain in parts of the bay area and the forecast calls for light showers on and off through the bay area and it is expected to taper off and will be follow by sunshine and warmer temperatures. president barack obama's first trip to israel and the president will also make trips to the west bank and in jordan while he is in the middle east. police are investigating a driveby shooting that was yards from a school. here is more on what police are saying about the shooting and the area, janeane? >> reporter: we are now the middle school and this area is known by police to be heavy with gang activity and in this drive by, it is unknown if it
6:48 am
was gang related but they will look into that. they received 911 calls there were gunshots heard and they found a man between 18 and 20 years old affect by one gunshot. neighbors said a light colored suv drove by and started shooting. they are trying to get a description of that vehicle and anybody inside and we know the victim is at a local hospital and it is unknown just how critical his condition is but he did survivor overnight and we are hoping to get an update on his condition. the school does not start for another two hours and it has nothing to do with the school since it was after school hours but there was somebody from the union school district just sort of checking in making sure
6:49 am
school employees knew about it but he did not want to comment on camera. reporting live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are finding out more about a deadly officer involved shooting and they learned the suspect opened fire. he tried to ram an unmarked police car and sped up and so far we have not received his name. we also have the san jose police officer who opened fire was also involved in another police shooting last fall. the san francisco chronicle reports bruise par they will -- bruce bartholomew was wanted during an attempted carjacking, for armed robberies, shooting a p.m. officer and a -- shooting a police officer and a chase. he opened fire after the
6:50 am
suspect drove his car towards him. police in san francisco are responding to angry cab drivers who vented at a meeting for hours the drivers want more regulation of online ride sharing and are concerned about a plan to allow hundreds of additional cabs. also at the meeting, they approved a system to hail them with march phones and help them compete with ride sharing services. we have case of march madness and now st. mary's has made it past the first four in the ncaa tournament. do you think the students were happy? the victory at the viewing party, the games beat tennessee
6:51 am
state 67-64 and now they will play memphis in the morning. president barack obama has weighed in on the women's ncaa tournament and president barack obama picked second seed cal as one of his four schools to reach the women's' final four. it happens in fresno. 6:48 is the time. sal, it is a great month for basketball >> it is a great month but very distracting for some of us. i would like to go to the maps, boy, that was quick, westbound 92, they just got a new crash reported a minute ago. thank you, westbound 92 at the toll plaza, we just got word of a new crash, they are blocking one of the fast track lanes,
6:52 am
westbound 92 right at the san mateo toll plaza, a brand-new crash was reported and chp is not even there yet and if it does it will cause a big problem. northbound 280 and on the corner it is stop and go. we have a 20 minutes delay here at the toll plaza and we have talked about the problems near the walnut creek fender-bender so use care as you do. let's go to steve. well, some rain overnight, not a lot, a little bit, i see my ship come in and once again i was at the bus station. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures, light rain, not enough, it is just an ugly february and march, i have been
6:53 am
doing rain dances to see if we can bring more rain in, sunny for most of the weekend and we will have some changes next week and we have a weak system but we need more rain we are running out of time. any rain left over will be light. most of it went up towards mendocino county and generally a third of an inch fell here. southwest lows are very mild and mostly cloudy in the morning, very light rain and mostly cloudy and the rain was mainly overnight and we will have a few scattered showers and most of this rain is pushing off towards the middle east and it does not have a trigger mechanism. there is still some left and temperatures are already in the 50s. temperatures are coming right out of the southwest, it is very mild cloudy, morning rain 60s on the temperatures 50s and
6:54 am
60s, running a little bit below average on the temperatures normal 62 to 67 and warmer friday and saturday. leaders in cyprus are rushing to fight off bankruptcy after contributing to the bailout package by taxing people's bank accounts. now bank. are closed at least -- now banks are closed and they will continue to give cyprus support and leaders are meeting to work out a new deal. a teen accused of a shooting rampage has learned his fate. how he taunted the victim's families and we will have more on how long he will be behind bars. critics say it is a super
6:55 am
bowl sellout.
6:56 am
6:57 am
. a teen gets life in prison without parole. tj lane showed no remorse and he wore that t-shirt with the word killer on it. he taunted the victim's families and smirked at them when they asked for the maximum
6:58 am
sentence. tj lane did not qualify for the death penalty because he was under the age of 18 during the shootings. die and fine -- dianne finestein said the senate debate will begin next month and said the issue of gun control is a personal issue for her. as you know she became mayor of san francisco after harvey milk was assassinated in 1978. sugary milk can kill you. they have linked obesity deaths worldwide to sugary drinks. of that number, worldwide 20,000 were americans. the american beverage association said the study is more about sensationalism than science. they want to host the super
6:59 am
bowl and they have agreed to a long list of demands to host the game. they say it will provide a huge financial boost to the entire area but not everybody is happy that a multi- billion dollar business would get these financial breaks. >> they are a $9 billion corporation called the nfl asking a small city to bear this burden and why done they pay their own bills. >> i think it is great for the local economist... >> this could make santa clara the clear front-runner and miami has rejected the nfl's financial demands. wet roads and lots of commute problems, sal, what is happening at the wet bound bay bridge? >> well, traffic is going to start slowing down